There are several way that you can become involved in this project.GetInvolved_Image2

  1. Become a BGOSS Ambassador. To find out what’s involved read our protocol letter.
  • As an ambassador we ask that you walk the garden at a time convenient to you and record observations and take pictures. Just forward your information to
  • You are welcome to post your pictures on the Facebook page,
  • Tell others about the gardens and join them for a stroll on the Captain Spence Path or visit our other sites at Perkins Park, Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre and MacGregor Point Provincial Park.
  1. Assist us with maintenance.GetInvolved_Image3
  • We have been blessed with much support when planting and mulching but periodically we need some help with maintaining the gardens. You may want to ‘adopt’ one of our eight pods and periodically check it to see if it needs watering, weeding, mulching, etc.
  • We would also contact you to see if you were available for a short-term maintenance project.

If interested just let us know by contacting Kerry Jarvis, Melitta Smole, or Stewart Nutt or send an email request to

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