Pod Squad Ambassador Makes the News

Craig and Suzanne Selby, Pod Squad Ambassadors of Pod S-2, were recently profiled in a full page article in the St. Catharines Standard. We have selected several passages from the article of Craig’s quotes to share with you. Craig and Suzanne have been ambassadors since the launch of BGOSS and have shared their knowledge of creating habitat for pollinators with the public. “Our naturalized area, or buffer zone, encourages neighbours to do the same. People come back to visit the butterfly garden, they tell me about their own butterfly gardens at home. I like to think it encourages others to be more aware.”

Congratulations Craig and Suzanne for sharing your passion of nature with others. To read the article download the PDF.

Snippet of Article from St. Catherine's Standard

BGOSS Announces Collector’s Post Card #8

Collector’s Post Card #8 showcases the third milkweed plant used by BGOSS in its pod — namely, Swamp Milkweed. This beautiful milkweed is attractive, grows in all sorts of conditions (sand, clay, wet, dry), and is a magnet for pollinators like the bumblebee. It would make a welcome addition to your gardens. Post cards are available for free at our BGOSS Pods.

Bumble bee sitting on swamp milkweed plant.

The Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores Nature “Little Free” Library Returns Soon!

Barb standing in front of the Nature LibraryOn a brisk sunny morning the first butterfly of the season fluttered over a patch of spring flowers before disappearing into the breeze. It was a welcome sight, even if it didn’t linger.
Emerging from our cozy winter hideaways we join other hibernating and migratory species eagerly anticipating longer days and new growth. We want blooms and butterflies!
Soon we will see the return of the Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores Nature “Little Free” Library. First unveiled on June 7, 2018 our Nature Library will be re-mounted on its post at the entrance to the Captain Spence trail, near the flag at the foot of High St.

Residents and visitors are invited to browse a variety of nature themed books for all ages, available to be borrowed and returned. Everyone is also welcome to take a bookmark and a copy of the popular Caterpillar Corner Activity book – both theirs to keep! If you have a garden help yourself to an envelope of seeds from several kinds of native perennial milkweed plants, collected by our pollinator partner Grange Hollow. Remember to sign the yellow guestbook.

The response to the library and its contents has been enthusiastic.
Visitors from around the world signed the guestbook in 2018, including nature lovers from South Africa, Ireland, Bosnia, Taiwan, Barbados, Austria, Colorado, Washington, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec and all over Ontario. Sadly, the original guestbook disappeared during the Civic Holiday weekend. Luckily most of the pages had been copied. Here are a few of the comments:
“This is a wonderful library with helpful informative reading for young and old.”
“Thank you for all of your efforts both towards the butterflies themselves but also the very important education piece.”
“Brilliant spot for a library – a place to relax and enjoy the lake.”
“I hope the butterflies love it as much as I do!!”
“Southampton is a magical place in all seasons. Thank you for all your hard work making it even more so!”
“Monarchs are happy this year.”
“Thank you for the activity books! Had a great day searching for pods and doing the scavenger hunt around Fairy Lake.”
“Took a stroll & came across this cute little library. What a wonderful idea.”
“Thank you so much for the packet of swamp milkweed seeds. I will add them to my garden in my effort to preserve the monarch butterfly.”

One thing we hope to improve upon this year is the book return rate. When the library was taken down for the winter in 2018 not one of the 200 purchased and donated books remained!
Our optimistic hope for 2019 is that our new selection of donated and purchased books will be read, enjoyed and then returned.

If you have any North American nature books that you are interested in donating to the library please contact us at: butterflygardensofss@gmail.com

See you at the Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores Nature “Little Free” Library!

Barb Weismann
BGOSS Nature Library co-ordinator

6 Monarchs Recovered in Mexico – Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores Community Tagging Days

Monarch butterfly with tag on its wing.2018 was an amazing year for Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (BGOSS) as they tagged 893 Monarchs. To top it off, Monarch Watch, from the University of Kansas, who co-ordinates the tagging program, has just announced that 6 Monarchs from Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores were recovered in Mexico.

The recovered Monarchs were tagged in late August and early September in Southampton at the Saugeen Golf course, Captain Spence Path, Perkins Park and the Saugeen Rail Trail. “This is quite an unexpected surprise,” says Kerry Jarvis, co-founder of BGOSS. “The odds of having one recovery is rare, but to have 6 in one year is quite exciting, especially when you consider that there are millions of Monarchs over wintering in Mexico.” The recovered monarchs were found in 2 of the major reserves in Mexico: El Rosario, and Cerro Pelon and would have travelled a distance of over 4,500 kilometers. Since it began its Community Tagging Days in 2015, BGOSS has tagged over 1,400 Monarchs and has 9 recoveries.

Now, Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores is eagerly waiting for the return of the great-grand children from the fall migrating Monarchs to grace their presence in our community.