BGOSS Welcomes Port Elgin United Church: POD P-5

Port Elgin United Church is the first group in 2018 to become a new “Friends of Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (BGOSS).” The “Friends of BGOSS” is a program where church groups, schools and homeowners can be part of a community wide effort to promote native gardening to attract Monarchs and other pollinators. Melitta Smole, executive of BGOSS says, “We have two homeowners, Chantry Island and Port Elgin United Church who want to make a difference in our community by planting native plants.”

Port Elgin United Church Butterfly Garden

Reverend Bonnie Holliday, Sarah and Jordyn Earnshaw hold the BGOSS pod sign for their newly established butterfly garden with Patti Byers and Julie Earnshaw.

Pods at Perkins Park Put to Rest

The Pods at Perkins Park are now ready for a long deserved rest as Pod Squad Ambassadors; Shelley, Steven, Melitta, Kerry and our latest ambassador, Marvin Doran, moved plants and shrubs around and fenced in the shrubs for protection from the local rabbits.  BGOSS was also assisted by nearby neighbour Tom. Pictured here is new Pod Squad Ambassador, Marvin Doran. Welcome to the BGOSS team Marvin.

Pekrins Park moving plants Nov 20 17 images by ©kerry JARVIS-11

BGOSS presentation to Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning

ball_logo_0Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores presented to a sold out audience of 275 people on November 9 in Owen Sound to  Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning. The presentation was part of a 7 week lecture series on ‘Sustainability and Tourism Along Our Shores.’ Kerry Jarvis’ topic was  “Making A Difference: One Plant at a Time.” Kerry’s presentation shared stories, images, testimonials and videos on the importance of planting native plants, planting awareness and how the Pod Squad Ambassadors are making a difference in Saugeen Shores.

Where Do the Monarchs go for Winter?

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores has partnered with the Shoreline Beacon newspaper to showcase a series of articles dealing with Monarchs, native planting, migration, and Monarch tagging. Our second article deals with the Monarchs overwintering sites in Mexico.