Caterpillar Corner Activity Book 3rd Printing

The Caterpillar Corner Activity Book, created by Barb Willner, Melitta Smole and Kerry Jarvis, has just gone into its 3rd printing! A total of 5,000 copies since it launched in 2018 have been distributed. Individuals, families, school groups, visitors, church groups, horticultural societies and our libraries have all enjoyed learning, exploring and having fun with the activity book.

Front cover of The Caterpillar Corner Activity book

Pod Squad Ambassador Makes the News

Craig and Suzanne Selby, Pod Squad Ambassadors of Pod S-2, were recently profiled in a full page article in the St. Catharines Standard. We have selected several passages from the article of Craig’s quotes to share with you. Craig and Suzanne have been ambassadors since the launch of BGOSS and have shared their knowledge of creating habitat for pollinators with the public. “Our naturalized area, or buffer zone, encourages neighbours to do the same. People come back to visit the butterfly garden, they tell me about their own butterfly gardens at home. I like to think it encourages others to be more aware.”

Congratulations Craig and Suzanne for sharing your passion of nature with others. To read the article download the PDF.

Snippet of Article from St. Catherine's Standard