Caterpillar Corner Activity Book 3rd Printing

The Caterpillar Corner Activity Book, created by Barb Willner, Melitta Smole and Kerry Jarvis, has just gone into its 3rd printing! A total of 5,000 copies since it launched in 2018 have been distributed. Individuals, families, school groups, visitors, church groups, horticultural societies and our libraries have all enjoyed learning, exploring and having fun with the activity book.

Front cover of The Caterpillar Corner Activity book

BGOSS Presents To St. Joseph School

Diane, Melitta and Kerry shared stories about milkweeds, native plants and sang the BGOSS song, “Come Fly With Me”, to grade 1 and 2 student from St Joseph’s School in Port Elgin. Each student was given a copy of the Caterpillar Corner Activity Book to take home with them. According to Melitta, “It is so nice to see the children get excited and have fun with nature.”

Caterpillar Corner Has Fun with Kids from Ripley

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores and Caterpillar Corner had lots of fun with 16 children who belong to the “For our Youth“ club of the Ripley Horticultural Society. They learned, observed and discovered all about Monarch butterflies, native plants and played citizen scientist by tagging Monarchs. Children had fun singing the BGOSS song, “Come Fly With Me” and doing activities from the popular Caterpillar Corner Activity Book. You can read more about our time together in this article from The Kincardine Record.