Monarch Tagging in Saugeen Shores Breaks Record!

2019 was another good year for pollinators and monarchs in Saugeen Shores. Much of this is attributed to local residents who are seeing the benefits of planting milkweed and native plants in their gardens and the growing interest of BGOSS.

Since BGOSS began tagging we have seen a steady growth in the number of monarchs tagged. We believe that if you plant it, they will come. And come they have.

2015: 81 monarchs tagged
2016: 80 monarchs tagged
2017: 275 monarchs tagged
2018: 893 monarchs tagged
2019: 1,516 monarchs tagged

Tagged Monarch Butterfly

5th Community Tagging Event

We’d like to express our thanks to everyone who joined us for our 5th  Community Tagging Event at Perkins Park. In total, we tagged 31 monarch butterflies and we are most grateful to all of you for making a difference.

We’re planning to host another Community Tagging Day on Friday, August 30th at Perkins Park from 10am to noon.

We hope to see you then!


BGOSS Announces Collector’s Post Card #8

Collector’s Post Card #8 showcases the third milkweed plant used by BGOSS in its pod — namely, Swamp Milkweed. This beautiful milkweed is attractive, grows in all sorts of conditions (sand, clay, wet, dry), and is a magnet for pollinators like the bumblebee. It would make a welcome addition to your gardens. Post cards are available for free at our BGOSS Pods.

Bumble bee sitting on swamp milkweed plant.