Monarch ButterlyWelcome to Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores located along the beautiful shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

Monarchs are a species of special concern. Our vision is to plant a variety of milkweed and other native plants throughout our community to attract and aid Monarch Butterflies. As concerned naturalists,’ we designed and created a series of butterfly gardens throughout Saugeen Shores. These gardens provide food source for caterpillars, adult butterflies and other pollinators.

Come and visit our Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores along the Captain Spence Path in Southampton. Other pods are located at the Saugeen First Nation, Saugeen Railtrail, Fairy Lake in Southampton, MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Perkins Park, and the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre. All of these gardens have been registered as certified Monarch Waystations.

Together, we can make a difference!

Our Purpose:

  • Monarchs_Image2provide a food source for Monarchs and other pollinators
  • enhance the visitor’s experience in Saugeen Shores
  • educate people on the plight of Monarch butterflies and native gardening

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