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The Saugeen Times, Shoreline Beacon and Saugeen Shores Hub have published several articles during this project. Be sure to visit them electronically to find articles about the garden along with lots of local news.

To view and read articles, click on the title to view as a PDF or be redirected to the web site article.


BGOSS Community Tagging Day: Saugeen Times August 2019

The Marketplace Magazine, August 2019

Rotary Recognizes BGOSS as Contributors to Community, Saugeen Times May 2019

BGOSS Monarchs recovered in Mexico, Saugeen Times, March 2019

Record Monarchs Tagged in Saugeen Shores 2018, February 2019

BGOSS Adventure Talk at Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, February 2019

BGOSS Family Rearing Program 2018, January 2019


Ripley Horticultural Society tours Butterfly Gardens in Saugeen Shores, The Kincardine Record, August 2018

Ripley Horticultural Society youth club gets up close and personal with Monarch butterflies, The Kincardine Record, August 2018

Butterfly Gardens launch new book for young readers, Saugeen Times, July 2018

Butterfly Gardens’ Caterpillar Corner Now Available, Saugeen Shores Hub, July 2018

Butterfly Nature Library Open in Southampton, Grey Bruce This Week, June 2018

Port Elgin United Church eagerly awaiting ‘Monarchs’ Flight’, Shoreline Beacon, February 2018

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores: How It all Started, The Spotted Turtle, January 2018

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores: 2017, Shoreline Beacon, January 2018


Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores Report, Shoreline Beacon, October 2017

Monarch butterflies make a huge comeback this August throughout Saugeen Shores as record numbers are reported, Shoreline Beacon, August 2017

Monarchs begin to make a comeback, Saugeen Times, August 2017

How to Rear Monarch Butterflies, Shoreline Beacon, July 2017

Huron Fringe Field Naturalists learn about Monarch butterflies at June meeting, Kincardine Record, July 2017

Pod Squad Ambassadors in Saugeen Shores, Shoreline Beacon, June 2017

Fairy Lake is now open, Saugeen Shores Hub, June 2017

Pod Squad Ambassadors get the gardens ready for returning monarchs, Saugeen Shores Hub, June 2017

The Marvellous Monarch Life Cycle, Shoreline Beacon, June 2017

How to Attract Butterflies and Pollinators to your Gardens, Shoreline Beacon, May 2017

Spring Migration from Mexico to Saugeen Shores, Shoreline Beacon, April, 2017

Overwintering grounds of Monarch Butterflies, Shoreline Beacon, March 2017

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores, Shoreline Beacon, February 2017


Monarch Butterflies Tagged for Migration, Shoreline Beacon, September 2016

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores Map released, June 2016

A tagged monarch tells its history and place of origin, The Saugeen Times, May 2016

Monarch butterfly tagged in Southampton found in Mexico, Saugeen Shores Hub, May 2016

Monarch butterfly tagged in Southampton found in Mexico, Shoreline Beacon, May 2016

BGOSS Tag Recovery From Mexico, Shoreline Beacon – Online Edition, May 2016

The ‘Plight of the Monarch’ and Wings of Change, The Saugeen Times, April 2016

These houses are for the birds, Saugeen Shores Hub, April, 2016

Butterfly mural a collaborative project, Saugeen Shores Hub, March 2016


Monarchs tagged before migration to Mexico, Saugeen Shores Hub, September 2015

Butterfly Friendly, Shoreline Beacon, August 2015

Speaker series gets underway with Flight of the Butterfly, Saugeen Shores Hub, July 2015

‘Wings of Change’ coming to Saugeen Shores, The Saugeen Times, June 2015

Butterfly Gardens continue to flourish in attempt to save the species, The Saugeen Times, June 2015

Public meeting to help species at risk, The Saugeen Times, May 2015