The Word is Spreading!

Ontario Insects, the news journal of the Toronto Entomological Association published an article in its recent edition (Vol. 24 #2) entitled, ‘Monarch Rescue: A Good Idea?’ Author, Alan MacNaughton talks about a variety of ethical issues dealing with rearing Monarchs. He concludes his article by asking:

Logo for Ontario Insects“What else can we do? The key message is habitat, habit, habitat – we need more. This can be through our personal efforts in our gardens – plant milkweed. Or we can encourage the planting of milkweed in public spaces, as Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (led by TEA members Kerry Jarvis and Melitta Smole) have done – see

It is nice to see that the good work we are doing in Saugeen Shores is being recognized outside of our area. Together we are making a difference!