Title: Butterflies
Text: by Ronald Orenstein
Photography: by Thomas Marent
Published: 2015
Target audience: Adults

Thomas Marent’s photography make this book a pleasure to peruse. Ronald Orenstein’s text contains the answers to questions regarding butterflies, moths and caterpillars from around the world. The overall message continues to be that restoring habitat may be crucial for butterflies with few natural refuges left in a changing world and a warming climate. For us this means conserving larval host plants and, for flower-feeding butterflies, adult nectar sources. Create a butterfly garden in your own yard this summer!

by Stephanie Kelly
Pod Squad Ambassador

Front cover of the book Butterflies

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores has donated resource materials on Monarch butterflies, native gardening, and insects to the Southampton and Port Elgin libraries as part of our “Planting Awareness” program. We have a PDF of all of the resource materials available at our libraries. Click here for the entire listing, and then checkout the books and videos from the library.