When Butterflies Cross the Sky

Two Children Reading a Butterfly BookAnderson Haugh, eight years old, has reviewed several books from our Saugeen Shores library dealing with Monarch butterflies. BGOSS thanks Anderson for sharing his insights into these resource materials. Here is his summary and what he learned.

Title: When Butterflies Cross the Sky
Author: Laura Marsh

Summary of book: This book is about Monarch butterflies. It discusses their migration and threats to Monarchs. It is an informational book.

Something I learned: The female Monarchs lead the butterflies north from Mexico.

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores has donated resource materials on Monarch butterflies, native gardening, and insects to the Southampton and Port Elgin libraries as part of our “Planting Awareness” program. We have a PDF of all of the resource materials available at our libraries. Click here for the entire listing, and then checkout the books and videos from the library.