Book Review: Monarch and Milkweed

Title: Monarch and Milkweed
Authors: Helen Frost and Leonid Gore

Recommended for children ages 4-8, this beautifully illustrated hardcover portrays the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly as it heads north in search of milkweed on which to lay eggs. Delightful artwork depicts the egg hatching, the caterpillar growing and transforming to the chrysalis, followed by the magical debut of the Monarch. Children learn about the life of the milkweed plant from early spring through fall. Charming age appropriate book.

Reviewed by: Stephanie Kelly

Marcus and Rachael are enjoying listening to Mom read them the story of “Monarch and Milkweed”.

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores has donated resource materials on Monarch butterflies, native gardening,  and insects to the Southampton and Port Elgin libraries as part of our “Planting Awareness” program.  We have a PDF  of all of the resource materials available at our libraries. Click here for the entire listing, and then checkout the books and videos from the library.