Monarch Tagging Event

BGOSSMonarchTaggingSeptember32016KidsIt’s that time of year again when the Monarch butterflies start their annual migration to Mexico. To celebrate the migration, Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (BGOSS) hosted a tagging outing on Saturday, September 3 along the Captain Spence Path in Southampton.  BGOSS organizers, Melitta Smole and Kerry Jarvis were joined by curious and interested people from the Owen Sound Field Naturalists, Pod Squad Ambassadors, BGOSS Facebook followers, vacationers and local families. The Hoy family; Sadie, and her daughter Vienne (6 years old) and son Royal (3 years old) from Southampton thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get up close with a Monarch. According to Sadie, “We frequent the Captain Spence Path daily in the summer and immensely appreciate all the effort, beauty and life Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores has injected into the shore line!” Vienne and Royal tagged a male Monarch and wished it  “adios” and a safe voyage on its 6,000 kilometer journey from Southampton to Mexico.

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